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Welcome to Berlin.
Join the team at the Charité

We are very sorry for what you have had to endure in recent weeks, and what you are still going through. We are so glad you have arrived safely in Germany and we welcome you with open arms!

Whether you are looking for temporary work or wanting to build a long-term future in Germany with a medical or administrative career at the Charité, we have everything you need to get started. For example, we will gladly help you with language courses, visits to the authorities and finding accommodation. Find out more on this page. 

Working in Germany

To be allowed to work in Germany, you must first apply for a residence permit. Complete the online application to download a PDF file (a ‘preliminary permit’) that entitles you to work in Berlin. 

More about the working permit

Possible positions

Interested? What to do next

1. Contact us

The easiest way is to contact us directly for individual advice on what is possible and how we can help you. To do so, please write to our welcome team.


Further Information can also be found here

2. Get support

If you are interested in a position at the Charité and your qualifications match our requirements, we will support you with any administrative formalities. We try to solve individual challenges like qualifications that cannot be verified or lacking language skills together with you in an unbureaucratic manner. 

If your qualifications do not match our requirements, we will try to establish contact with our subsidiaries, if possible and reasonable.

3. Join the team at the Charité

As soon as all challenges have been overcome and your employment contract is in place, you can start working here. Depending on the position, there will be a training phase of around six months, during which we will provide you with a mentor. This training is of course remunerated. 

Further contributions of the Charité

Medical aid deliveries

In consultation with the federal and state authorities, the Charité Board coordinates logistical relief actions to send medical equipment and supplies to Ukraine.


Blood donations from employees

The Charité has called on its around 20,000 employees to donate blood for injured people in Ukraine. A special convoy takes the blood to where it is needed most.


Care for refugees

The Charité will help you with any acute illnesses or pain conditions. If you have any questions, in particular about inpatient admission, please contact:


Psychosocial support for refugees

The Charité helps migrants and refugees who experience problems with their mental health. The team offers advice in all languages as well as with any regular psychosocial care. If you are affected, please contact us by email at:


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Do you have any questions, requests or suggestions?
Feel free to contact us – we look forward to hearing from you!