Eine Professorin der Charité steht am Rednerpult in einem Hörsaal der Charité und doziert.

Your academic career at the Charité

At one of Europe's largest university hospital, more than 9,000 students receive an education at the highest international level. This includes the latest scientific theory, research, but also practice-oriented simulation and specific application with the patient.

Teaching goes hand in hand with research and science. It is also closely linked to the clinical health care at the Charité. Not only do about 320 of our professors actively teach here. Roughly 5,600 physicians and researchers are also involved. Numerous faculty members make this possible.

Become part of the faculty and support young medical talent.

Eine Professorin geht die Stufen im Mittelgang eines Charité Hörsaals hinab.
“It is a pleasure to present new findings to students in lectures and seminars and to answer their questions. This exchange is an important incentive for one’s own individual work in research and teaching.” 
Prof. Dr. Kuhlmey, Director of the Institute of Medical Sociology and Rehabilitation Science
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The path to a professorship


As one of Europe's largest university hospital, the Charité offers a range of courses with exceptional opportunities. We support you in introducing students to medical work in the best possible way.

Use and establish modern teaching and learning concepts in our interdisciplinary network. 


Apprenticeship as a Charité physician

As a rule, Charité physicians are also active teachers and share their practical clinical experience with students. For example, they accompany simulation courses at the learning center, participate in seminars or supervise prospective colleagues in their practical year (final year) as teaching physicians. 


Your postdoctoral qualification as an introduction

If you are interested in postdoctoral and teaching qualification, the Postdoctoral Qualification Office is your first point of contact. The staff there provides consultation and makes recommendations together with the postdoctoral qualification committee. The final decision on the suitability of postdoctoral students is made after a public scientific lecture. If successful, the teaching license will be awarded and with it the title of private lecturer.


The appointment procedure

Appointment to a professorship is a selection procedure between persons who are qualified to teach and persons with relevant merits. The procedural steps and the selection of candidates are determined by a committee. The appointment is then made by the Senate Administration based on the recommendation of the appointment committee.


Your work as a professor

In addition to a high degree of personal responsibility in your work, you can expect a network of specialist societies, research projects and committees to participate in. 

Professorship Application Service

Making teaching possible


Around 40,000 study-related appointments take place at the Charité every year. At the same time, new degree courses are developed, students are supervised and the quality of the offered courses is monitored. These and many other exciting tasks are undertaken by the faculty administration. There are many options here for a career and to directly help secure the next generation of physicians for our society. You can find the vacancies under “Administration & management”.

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