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Your medical career at Europe's leading university hospital

As a university hospital and maximum care provider, we offer you a stellar career path. Thanks to the latest treatment technology, research and teaching opportunities, our physicians are able to practice in all areas at over 100 different clinics and centers. Apply today and become part of the Charité to rethink health with us!

Dr. Julia Herzig in der Neurologie
“Varied diseases, some of which are rare, are treated by an interdisciplinary team at our center. In doing so, we interface with research, which is a great professional gain.”
Julia Herzig-Nichtweiß, MD, Neurology Specialist
“The combination of modern patient care and cutting-edge research convinced me to go to the Charité for my practical year.”
Maria Kinberger, M.D., Resident Physician, dermatology
Dr. Maria Kinberger
“Our goal is to improve with every surgery so that we can provide the highest standard of care to our patients.”
PD Dr. med. Bernhard Ralla, Acting Chief Physician at the CCM for Kidney Tumors and Interdisciplinary Prostate Cancer Center
Dr. Bernhard Ralla in der Urologie der Charité

Reasons to join us

Europe’s best hospital

Work at the best hospital in Europe! You can find out more about how we strive to provide excellent healthcare, training, translation and research here

Your career

Together with the Berlin Institute of Health we have created the Clinician Scientist Program to help you pursue a career in clinical science. We offer advanced residency training with contractually stipulated hours for clinical and translational research.

A broad range

We have specialized outpatient clinics for a complex range of medical conditions. As a Charité physician, you will treat even the rarest of diseases.

Frequently asked questions

There is currently no suitable position advertised for me. Are unsolicited applications possible?

Even if that right position is not open there, the situation may change quickly. We are therefore always happy to receive unsolicited applications. Please contact the respective clinic directly by e-mail. 

I have studied abroad and would like to work as a doctor at the Charité. Is this possible?

Yes, people from over 100 nations work at the Charité. The prerequisites for your start as a doctor at the Charité are a work permit, approval of your license to practice medicine, German at the level of C1 and, of course, a vacancy. We will be happy to support you wherever possible. You can find all the necessary information here.

Can I combine family and career easily at the Charité?

The Charité has been certified as a family-friendly company since 2007. We support parents by providing regular and flexible childcare, emergency care, care during overtime hours or when a child is sick, and during vacations. You can find more information here.

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Do you have questions about working as a physician at Charité? Perhaps you will find the answer in our “Frequently asked questions”.

Otherwise, please contact the relevant department, clinic or institute directly. To the clinic overview.