Zwei Mitarbeiter der Verwaltung bei einer Besprechung auf dem Flur der Charité

A meaningful job:
Build your career at the Charité

Behind the scenes at the Charité:
Working at Germany's best university clinic

Efficient management is necessary with 20.000 employees, 2.3 billion euros in revenue, 800,000 patients a year and 9,000 students. And this is where you come in!

Media coverage of the Charité usually focuses on the doctors, researchers or nursing professionals who do a great job at the Charité. For example, they have developed the world's first Covid-19 test. Such achievements are made possible by the efficient administration in the background, which ensures smooth processes.
IT staff, purchasing, HR staff and many other employees work behind the scenes at Europe’s largest university hospital. Whether office work or innovative digitization projects, every task is important and contributes to one goal: developing the medicine of tomorrow.

Foto einer Mutter mit ihrem Baby auf dem Arm in einem Büro der Charité
"The Charité offers me the opportunity to lead large-scale digitization projects and still have plenty of time for my family."
Franziska, Digitization Manager in revenue management
"During admission we are able to take lots of concerns from our patients. Working with and for people makes this job so special."
Mandy, Team Leader of Patient Admission
Mitarbeiterin der Patientenaufnahme der Charité

Public service 2.0: Management with room to grow

The Charité with its numerous business divisions and administrative offices is on the move. Digitization along with construction projects and strategic growth are bringing along significant change. Employees – established or new, young or old – can proactively help shape this change. The Charité has always promoted innovative ideas and given space to their realization. Come to the Charité – it has never been more exciting!

Public service away from clichés

The Charité’s success is based on a spirit of innovation. This can also be felt outside the laboratories. Our employees are motivated by the mission of society and cooperate to make tomorrow's medicine possible.

Granted, there are some digitization projects in the pipeline to eliminate all the bureaucratic stumbling blocks at the Charité. But the clichéd image that many have of public administration has long been outdated. At the Charité, multidisciplinary teams successfully employ innovative methods. Everything follows a clear strategy: the Charité Strategy 2030. Fulfillment, yay! Overtime, nah!

A diverse range of tasks

There is virtually nothing that is impossible at the Charité. With 18 business divisions, numerous administrative offices and more than 100 clinics and wards, administrative employees are involved in a wide variety of tasks. Be it in human resources, the legal department, controlling, the construction department or something else. Numerous specialists work hand in hand to continuously improve and digitize Europe’s most successful hospital.

Are you working in a classic field or in a special niche? We look forward to hearing from you!

IT away from profit orientation

The Charité needs IT support and to expand the workforce to implement its many digitization projects. We don't always offer the latest technology stack, but we do offer a number of benefits that you won't find at other companies: You can accompany projects that will shape the German health care system. This socially significant work has a very tangible impact on people's quality of life. And even better: It is not about profit. We focus on our employees, patients and on the medicine of the future and not on corporate valuation and investors. If you are looking for meaningful work, then you have come to the right place!

Career and training

The Charité provides employees with a range of advanced training options. A learning platform, the library and the many free seminars and courses allow everyone to further their education in a wide variety of areas, even those with little overlap with their actual field of work. Of course, it is also possible to arrange external training and certification. Or do some job shadowing at a ward or other departments to promote networking and the sharing of knowledge.

We regularly see major career moves within the organization. Equal opportunities are always taken into account making sure that no one is disadvantaged on the basis of gender or age. Younger employees can also have management positions here. If you want to achieve something, you are in good hands at the Charité.

Work-life balance and family friendliness

Family friendliness has a particularly high priority at the Charité. We have numerous programs and contact points to support parents. In general, everyone has the opportunity to create a healthy balance for work and private life. This is ensured on the one hand by the fair labor agreement with 30 days' vacation and all the other benefits of the public sector, and on the other hand by the flexibility of the divisions. Depending on the scope of duties, it is also possible to work from home, for example. Additional counseling centers will provide any support necessary to master difficult life situations.

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Portrait von Nico, Centrumsleitung der Charité
"I haven't had a dull day in over 20 years of working at the Charité. The combination of meaningful tasks and a progressing career make the job all the better."
Nico Theim, Custodial Management

What the Charité offers you

We live development

At the Charité, you can move your career into countless exciting paths and also accelerate it further with a wide range of continuing education options. There are no limits to your career and development.

Meaningful work

With your work “behind the scenes”, you make research, teaching and patient care possible. This way, you make an important social contribution to the medicine of tomorrow.

A stimulating work environment

The spirit of innovation is not limited to laboratories. You can also experience it in administration. You will work with outstanding colleagues and have the opportunity to realize your ideas and help shape the Charité.

Sabrina, Referentin des Vorstands für Personal und Pflege
"I get to see the writing of history firsthand and contribute through my work."
Sabrina, Advisor for the Board of Staff

Frequently asked questions

Can I enjoy a healthy balance between family life and career if I work at the Charité?

The Charité has been certified as a family-friendly company since 2007 already. We support parents with regular and flexible childcare, with care in emergencies, overtime or if their child is ill as well as during the holidays. There is a family-friendly pool for employees in the healthcare professions who wish to reduce their working hours or make them more flexible. Find out more here.

Is it possible to work remotely?

We offer the option of working remotely, however it is dependant on the department and requirements of the job. Further details can be discussed with your respective contact person of the department or job you are interested in.

How will I be compensated?

If you work for us, you will be compensated fairly and transparently in accordance with the applicable labor agreement – and that includes 30 days of annual leave. You can find our labor agreements and salary scales here.

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