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Sixteen skilled occupations to choose from

At the Charité, excellent health care meets a multifaceted administrative organization. In total, there are sixteen exciting skilled occupations in both fields – every one of them a highlight for your CV that you can be proud of.

Whether it's working directly with people in health care, expanding the IT infrastructure, acquiring the latest technology in purchasing or something else – at the Charité you can get into, learn about and work in the field that suits you best. There is something for everyone. No matter what you choose: You will always be making an important contribution to the future of medicine.

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Auszubildender Pfleger Matthias auf einer Station der Charité
“Behind the bar in the past, now next to a bed. Where it overlaps? In the teamwork and the desire to interact with people in a varied, responsible manner. The pandemic gave me that push to pursue nursing training – the right decision for me!”
Matthias, Nursing Assistant Apprentice

Training courses in health care

Get your training in the health professions at the best hospital in Europe. Learn from leading medical professionals and participate in the medicine of tomorrow. At the Charité, you will encounter a wide range of courses of diseases and learn how to recognize and treat them using state-of-the-art technology. This is crucial for the health of patients while pushing your career!


Choose from ten skilled occupations

We offer ten different skilled occupations in health care. You will learn the theoretical part of most of the skilled occupations at the new Berlin Education Campus for Health Care Professions, which Charité and Vivantes launched together at the beginning of 2020. You will then experience the practice and thus also real everyday life at the ward on a rotation basis. As a maximum care hospital, this rotation between departments is particularly extensive and allows you to go through all areas of your profession and get to know them in detail.


State-of-the-art knowledge

Since the Charité is a university hospital, we place great importance on research. All treatments and therapies are based on the latest scientific findings, many of which are developed and tested directly at the Charité. For you this means: Not only will you gain the latest medical knowledge, you will also apply it directly.


Direct line to practical instructors

The new labor agreement for the health care professions also applies to you.* The contract not only improves working conditions, it also stipulates that there is a maximum of two trainees for every practical instructor. This also applies in a similar way to the other areas. There is always enough time to provide you with ideal support and training.


Interdisciplinary maximum care

At the Charité, all health care professionals and all specialty departments of the medical college work hand in hand to provide holistic care to patients. You are in the thick of it and get to know all fields! This will help you figure out which field suits you best and align your career accordingly.


Respected throughout Europe

An education at the Charité opens doors for you throughout Europe and the world. The Charité has an excellent reputation in the whole world, which opens up many professional opportunities. You can benefit for the rest of your life from the network you build at the Charité.


You can apply for these ten training programs with us

  • Anesthesia assistant

  • Dietitian (nutritional therapist)

  • Speech therapist

  • Medical assistant

  • Medical technical radiology assistant

  • Scrub nurse

  • Nursing assistant

  • Nursing specialist

  • Physical therapist

  • Dental assistant

* The following therapy professions are currently still excluded from the new collective agreement
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“At the Charité, I can get to know a wide variety of specialties. Every day I learn more so that I can competently assist people in difficult life situations.”
Paula, Nursing Apprentice
Portrait der auszubildenden Pflegekraft Paula

Training in administration and research

With over 20,000 Group employees, annual sales exceeding € 2.3 billion and an unmeasurable responsibility to more than 800,000 patients and over 9,000 students each year, there is no question: The Charité must be managed efficiently. And this is where you come in!

Responsibility and variety

Complete your apprenticeship at one of Berlin's largest employers and get to know a particularly diverse administration. At the Charité, high-tech medical equipment has to be purchased just like bandages and drugs, staff has to be supervised and treatments have to be billed to the health insurance companies, technology must work, and major projects like construction work cannot be allowed to come to a standstill. The rotation process allows you to participate in exciting projects in a wide variety of fields and to get to know the broad spectrum of administrative professions at the Charité.

Experience and help shape the digital change

It has never been more exciting to work at the Charité – because digitization is changing health care and its administration. Just as in cutting-edge medicine, the Charité also strives to be a pioneer in the digital transformation. During your training, you will learn to help shape transformation processes from the inside out.

Common good instead of profit

At the Charité, it's not about developing the next app, becoming a unicorn or making a grand exit. It is about developing the medicine of tomorrow (research), empowering people to help others (teaching), and providing the best possible care for people who are ill (healing). But this will work only on the basis of a well-organized administration. All your tasks have a meaningful background.

A career with a future

The Charité provides training to retain new colleagues for the long haul and offers the best opportunities for permanent employment. Should you decide to continue your career elsewhere, you can be sure that you will benefit from the excellent reputation of the Charité. If you stay at the Charité, we can offer you numerous exciting opportunities for further education and training.

Six apprenticeship programs in administration are waiting for you

  • IT specialist for system integration

  • IT specialist for application development

  • Health care management assistant

  • Office management assistant

  • Animal care attendant with focus on clinic and research

  • Specialist for media and information services / medical documentation

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Auszubildende Julia in der Verwaltung der Charité
“Backstage at the Charité is simply fun. Especially in combination with the open and friendly team."
Julia, Health Care Management Assistant Apprentice

Advantages and benefits

The perfect starting point for your career

Our health care training programs are highly regarded around the world. All other trainees also benefit from the awareness and reputation of the Charité on further career paths.

Permanent employment after completed training

Unlike our patients, we would be happy to have you stay with us for a long time. As a rule, we offer our trainees permanent employment after they graduate.

A look into the future

You will learn and work where research is being conducted into the medicine of the future and where digitization has a very special status.

Portrait von Nico, Centrumsleitung der Charité
“I did my nursing apprenticeship at the Charité 20 years ago, and today I am responsible for several hundred employees in 25 areas. If you want to build a career, Charité is the place to be.”
Nico Theim, Nursing Center Management

Questions about the training

What are the chances of permanent employment after a completed training?

With successfully completed training at the Charité, you have excellent chances of being taken on and switching to a permanent contract. In most health care professions (see labor agreement), our trainees will receive an employment offer at the end of the second year of training already, if they completed it successfully.

When is the application deadline or start of training?

The start of training varies depending on the training field and profession. As a rule: The sooner you apply, the better. In some cases, we fill trainee positions as early as one year before the start of training – so don't wait too long. The open trainee positions including additional information can be found in the job offers. If you do not find your desired training there, please feel free to contact us.

How will I be compensated?

You will receive a fair salary based on the labor agreement for trainees (special part for nursing) in the public sector. It starts at € 1,068.26 and can also be higher depending on the occupation group. Remuneration for training increases over the years. The contract also guarantees you 30 days of vacation per year, annual special payments, a trainee ticket, company pension, a € 400 completion bonus and tickets to travel home if applicable.

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