Eine Forscherin steht im Labor und hält ein Zentrifugenröhrchen.

Focusing on your scientific career: Research at the Charité

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Science, research and progress have a long tradition at the Charité and are closely linked to health care. The Charité supports and encourages its employees to become active in the field of science.

Talents from all over the world are attracted to the Charité as a science location. On the one hand, because of the technical possibilities. But above all to benefit from a unique network. After all, about 5,000 experts work at the Charité in a wide variety of fields. Research projects get targeted support. 

Come to the Charité and develop the health care of tomorrow.

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„I think we are the luckiest scientists by living in times of tremendous progress in the development of technologies and having the opportunity to apply them in medicine at Charité."
Dr. Lukasz Szyrwiel, Scientist

Focal points of research and science


The Charité research projects are as diversified as the disorders that are treated there every day. Research is conducted on widespread diseases as well as in specialized areas – interprofessionally as well as with new and modern approaches. Individual initiatives are encouraged, be it in basic research or in application-oriented research.

At the Charité, you can realize yourself and your ideas.

Other job offers: Working at the Berlin Institute of Health (BIH)


The BIH is an important part of the Charité and works on medical translation. Findings from biomedical research significantly improve the prediction of the progression of a disease as well as its prevention, diagnosis and therapy. Research becomes health. Research ideas from clinical observations are also developed at the BIH.

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Dr. Julia Herzig in der Neurologie
“Varied diseases, some of which are rare, are treated by an interdisciplinary team at our center. In doing so, we interface with research, which is a great professional gain.”
Dr. med. Julia Herzig-Nichtweiß, Neurology Specialist

Why research at the Charité is worthwhile

Excellent research infrastructure

Employees in research benefit from state-of-the-art equipment at our facilities. The interdisciplinary networked teams also have an extraordinary range of competencies at their disposal.

International cooperations

At the Charité, you and your career will benefit from an international cooperation network for the mutual exchange between basic biomedical research, clinical research and medical practice.

Promotion of individuals and projects

The Charité supports employees and students through various funding programs and initiatives to make their scientific and research projects a reality. More information is available here.

„Good science is based on being in the right place at the right time with enough knowledge. I enjoy researching at Charité because opportunity and knowledge is abundant."
Alejandra Esparza Mora, Postdoctoral Researcher
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Do you have more questions about the research professions? It is best to contact the clinics or institutes you are most interested in directly.

Overview of research centers

Overview of clinics

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