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You want to work in high-tech operating rooms, help treat complex cases and learn something new every day? The perioperative sections of the Charité offer just that! The Charité is looking for enthusiastic scrub nurses and anesthesia assistants as well as nurses and medical assistants.

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Eine anästhesietechnische Assistentin im OP der Charité
"The atmosphere during surgery makes this job so fascinating. The mix of professionalism, empathy and concentration creates a unique team spirit."
Bettina, Specialized Nurse for Anesthesia and Intensive Care
"Thanks to the amazing team and the highly professional management working in traumatic surgery still remains my dream job after 25 years on the job."
Igor, Examined Nurse and Practice Instructor
Praxisanleiter des OP der Charité

The versatility in the OR perioperative service

For the work in the operating room, anesthesia and on the ward, we are looking for people with a keen interest in a working environment that is constantly evolving. You will care for people before, during and after surgery, while working with state-of-the-art instruments, materials and equipment.

Your function in the state-of-the-art operating room

When working in anesthesia perioperative service, you work closely with anesthetists providing general and regional anesthesia. This includes in particular the monitoring and care of the patients. As a scrub nurse or nurse specialist in the operating room, on the other hand, you will be preparing instruments, materials and equipment, passing instruments at the operating table or providing nonsterile assistance. 

Trusting cooperation

Discreet, trusting, and at the same time professional interaction with patients is standard everywhere at the Charité. Since patients are often not awake in the operating room, this is particularly important there. Teamwork and good cooperation are always a top priority: Members of the perioperative service work closely and on par with anesthetists and surgeons.

A team in which you grow

Accordingly, strong communication skills, the ability to work as part of a team, and technical understanding are particularly important for perioperative work. For the very varied and challenging work in the OR, the Charité offers a variety of individual personnel development opportunities, collaboration in an interdisciplinary team as well as the option of getting to know a wide range of different fields. Boredom is never an issue here.

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"Supporting our patients in difficult moments, taking their fears and accompanying them during the process, makes this job so special to me."
Christian, Anethesia Assistant
Eine Fachkraft des Anästhesie-Funktionsdienstes im OP

What we offer

Europe’s best hospital

Work at the best hospital in Europe! You can find out more about how we strive to provide excellent healthcare, training, translation and research here

Interdisciplinary work

We cooperate with other clinics worldwide and also work together on an interdisciplinary basis on a day-to-day basis. Our work is shaped by a continuous exchange among all members of our network. 

A new labor agreement

You won’t find yourself on understaffed and stressful shifts! We make everything transparent and ensure balance. Find out more here.

Zwei Mitarbeitende der Anästhesietechnischen Assistenz der Charité


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